Print Center & Lighting Studio


The Print Center / Darkroom is located in CA 4006, 410-704-4546. *has no voice mail.  Messages can not be left at this number.

The Lighting Studio is located in CA 4010, where the cyclotron is open for student use by appointment only during the fall and spring semesters. 

  • The studios are closed whenever the university is closed, including holidays or inclement weather. 
  • Hours very each spring and fall semesters. 
  • Large-format printing available on Mondays and Tuesdays with an appointment only.
  • Print Center email:

Fall 2018 Print Center / Darkroom Schedule in CA 4006

CA 4006 Print Center / Darkroom is open until the end of finals on Tuesday, 12/18/2018.

The last day to return equipment will be announced by email before the end of the semester.

 Day of Week

Times of Day Open

 Monday 9:30am - 4pm and 5pm - 8pm
 Tuesday 11am - 8pm
 Wednesday 10am - 1pm  and  2pm - 8pm 
 Thursday 1pm - 6pm
 Friday closed
 Saturday closed
 Sunday closed

Print Center CA 4006 Policies and Guidelines

  • No food or drinks allowed.
  • Any student enrolled in a class authorized for printing can use the print center.
  • Be respectful of other students working & the print center monitors.
  • Print & equipment privileges will be revoked for misusing the facilities.
  • The computer lab inside the print center, room 4006A, is reserved for Photo Imaging majors only.  Non-Photo Imaging majors should use the computers in Lab CA 4012.

Digital Printing

  • In order to print, students must be on a class roster submitted to the print center coordinator by their instructor.
    • Names and print allowances will be listed in a print log that monitors uses to keep track of printing
    • The lab gets very busy so give at least 24 hours for your prints to be made
    • No new printing requests will be accepted 30 minutes before the print center closes

Preparing to Print

  • JPEG, PSD, PDF, or TIFF files only
  • Bring your file(s) on a portable flash / external drive
  • Have your image sized & color corrected and print ready.  Monitors do not prepare files.
    • Our computers & printers are color calibrated but checking your image color or making a proof is encouraged.
    • Optimal print resolution is 240 – 300 dpi.  Submitting images with lower resolution will reduce print quality.
      • After printing, save the file as a print version so it can be easily printed again.

Large-format Printing

  • Printing larger than 17" on the shortest side requires 48 hours advanced notice.
  • The large-format printers operate only on specific days.  Sign up with the lab monitor to reserve a time.


  • Various matte & photo papers are available in various sizes.
  • Paper samples are also available if you are not sure what kind to use.
  • You may supply your own paper.
  • See the monitor for paper availability and price allowances.

Trimming & Matting

  • Rulers and cutting mats are available in the large-format room to trim prints / paper.
  • Dispose of all trash & recycling when finished working. 
    • Students can check out blades with their TU ID.

Spring 2018

Lighting Studio Schedule and Equipment Loans in CA 4010

 Day of Week

Times of Day Open











Saturday and Sunday closed

Equipment Checkout

  • Student must have a valid TU ID to check out equipment through the lab monitor.
  • Equipment loans may be up to 1 week

      • Privileges will be revoked for late returns.
      • Students are responsible for all equipment checked out to them
      • Appointments must be made with lighting studio monitors 24 hours in advance to secure the studio or borrow/return equipment.

      • Monitors reserve the right to refuse access to the studio/equipment if less than 24 hour notice is given. 

    • To contact the print center staff or lighting studio monitors, email them at

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