Admission Screening

Art Education is a screened major. The prerequisites and procedures for screening are listed below. Admission into the university and into the Department of Art + Design does not guarantee admission into the Art Education major.

Students engaged in new learning though meaningful art encounters
Students engaged in new learning through meaningful art encounters

Screening takes place one time per year on the third Friday of September

To be eligible to screen, students must have earned at least 60 credits with an overall GPA of 3.00.  The Praxis Core or ACT/SAT scores are no longer required unless GPA is below 3.0.  Applicants with acceptable scores on the Praxis Core or ACT/SAT may be considered regardless of their overall GPA.  In addition, they must provide a completed  a Criminal History Disclosure Statement Authorization and Release Form (PDF), college transcript and art portfolio of recent work that can include both 2D and 3D work. 

Post-Baccalaureate or second bachelor’s degree students screen with the undergraduates for admission into the program after they apply to the university. Official notification from the Admissions office will come after the interview and screening. The number of students accepted into the program is limited to the number of spaces available. Questions about the Post-Baccalaureate should be directed to Dr. Kay Broadwater at


  • Junior or rising Junior standing
  • Completion of a notarized self-disclosure criminal background form to be filed in the Art Education Department.  A copy will also be filed in the Secondary and Middle School Education Department. 
  • A written application for formal admission to the program.
    Current Towson University students  with 45-60 credit contact their art education advisor for program-specific procedures and requirements. 
    Post-Baccalaureate or second bachelor’s degree students may contact Dr. Kay Broadwater at  for program-specific procedures and requirements.
  • Documentation of a minimum GPA of at least 3.0 during the most recent two years of the candidate’s general education. A grade of PS (Pass) is not accepted for courses required in the major/minor per the undergraduate catalog. AP credits can be applied towards requirements in the major/minor, but not towards the GPA. The Praxis Core or ACT/SAT scores are no longer required unless GPA is below 3.0.
  • Present a portfolio of visual work at the screening. Students may do this by showing their work through a personal website, google drive, or by providing a thumb drive. The portfolio must consist of 10 recent and strongest work completed at the university or junior college level.  The work should represent the depth and breathe of the student's artistic experiences and can include both 2D and 3D work. For optimum consideration students should provide their portfolio prior to the screening date to Dr. Jinyoung Koh at

If you have any further questions please contact the Art Education Area Coordinator,  at .