Undergraduate Programs

The department offers undergraduate degree programs in Art + Design, Art History, and Art Education.

There are no portfolio requirements for admission. Portfolios are developed at the completion of the foundation levels to prepare students who are applying to screened programs. A senior portfolio is developed within each studio concentration.

All art majors must complete 36 units in foundations. The First Level Foundations core (21 units) is identical for all majors. The Second Level Foundations core (18 units) is specific to the program option. Second Level Foundations courses are listed as part of the degree requirements under the separate tracks. Art majors must successfully complete all of the first-year foundation courses listed below with a grade of C or above, before proceeding in their program of study.

First Level Foundations (21 units)

ART 101 Digital Tools and Concepts (3)
ART 103 2D Process (3)
ART 104 3D Process (3)
ART 211 Drawing: Observation and Invention (3)
ART 212 Visual Concepts (3)
ARTH 221 Survey of Western Art I (3)
ARTH 222 Survey of Western Art II (3)

Second Level Foundations (18 units)

See specific courses under each track or concentration.  Visit the online catalog for your specific catalog year requirements.