Painting, Drawing & Printmaking Concentration

From the budding artist to the more skilled practitioner, you can perfect your technique and develop your artistic vision in painting, drawing or printmaking.

This program offers opportunities for the beginning student to build basic skills, learn techniques and develop visual understanding in lower-division coursework. You can advance to greater specialization and self-direction in upper-division work. The emphasis in painting, drawing and printmaking is on fine art, preparing you for graduate work, a career in a gallery or museum, or continuing development as a professional artist, art teacher or master printer. Students in this concentration can complete the B.S./B.A. or B.F.A. View the B.S./B.A. degree requirements or the BFA degree requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Our Studios Will Inspire

Painting and advanced drawing are housed in two new, large studios, complete with state-of-the-art ventilation and north light. One studio includes a smart classroom and critique space and individual studio spaces for advanced undergraduate students. Printmaking is housed in the John Blair Mitchell Print Studio in the Center for the Arts, which includes two lithography presses with beds up to 40 inches wide and three etching presses with beds up to 36 inches wide. The studio also features a darkroom for light-sensitive printmaking processes, as well as computers, scanners and an inkjet printer for student use. The painting, drawing, printmaking area operates the undergraduate Storage Space Gallery in room 4033 of the Center for the Arts. The gallery hosts undergraduate exhibitions and installations each semester, and students in any concentration may apply to exhibit their work in this space.

Recognized Faculty

Our faculty members are all active artists who work in their studios, exhibit and share their professional experiences with students. Visiting artists offer workshops, lectures, and critiques, and they work in classes and with individual students.

Internship Opportunities

A sampling of Baltimore and Washington, D.C. area internship opportunities in art museums, galleries and workshops includes National Museum of Women in the Arts, The Walters Art Museum, Maryland Art Place , Pyramid Atlantic Art Center and Baltimore Mayor's Advisory Committee on Art and Culture.

Work with an Artist

Students often find opportunities to assist various artists in the area. In the past, students have worked with artists such as Mia Halton, Trace Miller, Dan Keplinger and Creighton Michael.

Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking Student Work Gallery

Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking students create 3–5 studio projects per course. Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking studio projects demonstrate students' technical and aesthetic skills for entry into the field of fine arts. Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking student work by: Mary Claire Price (left), Carrie Beall (top right), Robert Plater (bottom right).