Art + Design Major

Explore the elements of art and the principles of design as you produce a body of creative work. Discover the personal aesthetic and professional direction to guide your future accomplishments.

Art + Design majors may choose from several concentrations and areas of study, depending on their interests and career plans. Current areas of study include:

  • ceramics concentration
  • design studies track
  • digital art + design concentration (screened)
  • fine arts track
  • graphic design concentration (screened)
  • illustration concentration (screened)
  • interdisciplinary object design concentration
  • metalsmithing and jewelry concentration
  • painting, drawing and printmaking concentration
  • photo imaging concentration
  • sculpture concentration

All students complete first-level foundation courses in design, drawing and art history. A second level of foundation courses is required for the concentration. View degree requirements and course descriptions can be viewed in the Undergraduate Catalog. Screening is required for entry into the following Bachelor of Fine Arts programs: Digital Art + DesignGraphic Design and Illustration.

While some bulk materials and tools are provided by the department, you need to purchase art supplies and safety equipment for studio courses. Texts are required for some courses.


Mandatory Advising

Freshmen are assigned an adviser for their first two terms, then transition to advisers in their concentrations. To ensure degree completion in a timely manner, art + design, art history and art education students are required to meet with their academic advisers each fall and spring term before they enroll for courses. The department uses e-mail to contact majors and minors about advising, news and events, registration date and other topics.

Students who complete this major will demonstrate:

  • a comprehensive understanding of the materials and processes of their chosen discipline in the production of art and/or design work
  • knowledge of art history and contemporary art and/or design and an understanding of the historical and contemporary context for their work in producing, designing, and talking and writing about their work
  • creative problem solving skills in the processes and production of art and/or design work

Take a Tour

Undergraduate tours of the art department are offered regularly this spring. Guided tours in the summer are available by special arrangement and self-guided tours are available any weekday.

It’s going to be a busy semester. Learn more about art exhibitions, lectures and films planned for the spring semester.

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