Admission Screening

Digital Art + Design is a screened concentration. The prerequisites and procedures for screening are listed below. Please contact Stuart Stein, the Digital Art + Design area coordinator, with any questions via e-mail, .

Center for the Arts building during the day


Screening is held at the end of the fall and spring semesters and is open to qualifying students who are currently taking classes at Towson University. To qualify, student must have:   

1. An overall GPA of 2.67

2. Completed the following courses by the end of the term in which the student applies to the Digital Art + Design concentration: ART 101, ART 103, ART 104, ART 211, ART 212, ARTH 221, ARTH 222, ART 217 and ART 234 or 235 (or any other 200 level ART course).  Students must complete these courses, or equivalent transferred courses before taking further courses in the concentration.

3. A grade lower than B- (2.67) in any studio art course will eliminate the student from consideration for the Digital Art + Design concentration.

4. Declared art majors may apply to the Digital Art + Design concentration at the end of their third term of study. At the time of application, a minimum of 45 units must have been completed, including courses from that term. Students who have earned an A.A. degree in a related major may apply.

5. To be considered in the screening process, students must submit the following by the last day of finals in a given term: an official transcript, a Digital Art + Design Concentration Screening Form and digital portfolio. The digital portfolio can be submitted on data CD, DVD or thumb drive with image files and/or PDF format. The portfolio must include two pieces of work from ART 103, ART 211 and ART 217 (a total of eight pieces).

Students who do not submit a portfolio or submit an incomplete portfolio will not be considered for the Digital Art + Design concentration at that time. Late applications will not be considered.

Students with an overall GPA of 3.5 or 3.5 GPA or greater in their major (Art or Art History courses), having also completed the required courses, and having accumulated a minimum of 45 units, are accepted on confirmation of their overall GPA and do not need to submit portfolios with their completed application.

6. Students not accepted may reapply one more time.