Digital Art & Design Concentration

Apply your artistic skills to communicate more effectively in today’s digital world. Translate your design concepts to a variety of digital formats.

In this concentration, you will focus on digital media as a vehicle for content and design in formats that emphasize interactivity, media-rich digital environments and motion graphics. In addition, digital art courses support the development of digital painting and composing skills. Choose a focus area of study that best matches your interest: Design Studies or Fine Arts.

This concentration leads to a Bachelors of Fine Art (BFA), and is a unique integration of a strong traditional foundations program, a thorough design primer and a practical investigation of digital design applications. You gain practical expertise, as well as creative insight, while problem solving in a variety of digital contexts.

Prepare for entry-level positions in web design, multimedia design, broadcast design, interactive design, digital imaging, digital illustration or animation. This is a competitive and screened concentration, and interested students must apply to the program. View degree requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog.

professor Phil Davis
  Phil Davis, Associate Professor, Digital Art & Design

"Teaching animation combines so many creative pieces: drawing, design, storytelling, sound, and visual communication.
I love working with my students to help them develop their own style and vision within the ever expanding possibilities of digital art and animation."  Phil Davis, Associate Professor