Digital Art & Design Concentration

Apply your artistic skills to communicate more effectively in today’s digital world. Translate your design concepts to a variety of digital formats.

In this concentration, you will focus on digital media as a vehicle for content and design in formats that emphasize interactivity, media-rich digital environments and motion graphics. In addition, digital art courses support the development of digital painting and composing skills. Choose a focus area of study that best matches your interest: Design Studies or Fine Arts.

This concentration leads to a Bachelors of Fine Art (BFA), and is a unique integration of a strong traditional foundations program, a thorough design primer and a practical investigation of digital design applications. You gain practical expertise, as well as creative insight, while problem solving in a variety of digital contexts.

Prepare for entry-level positions in web design, multimedia design, broadcast design, interactive design, digital imaging, digital illustration or animation. This is a competitive and screened concentration, and interested students must apply to the program. View degree requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog.

professor Phil Davis
  Phil Davis, Associate Professor, Digital Art & Design

"Teaching animation combines so many creative pieces: drawing, design, storytelling, sound, and visual communication.
I love working with my students to help them develop their own style and vision within the ever expanding possibilities of digital art and animation."  Phil Davis, Associate Professor

Digital Art and Design Student Work Gallery

Digital Art and Design students create 3–5 studio projects per course. Digital Art and Design studio projects demonstrate students' technical and aesthetic skills for entry into the Digital Art and Design field. Digital Art and Design student work by: Ashley Groff (left),  Grace Welsh (top right),  Stephanie Castedo (bottom right).