Admission Screening

Graphic Design is a screened concentration.

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Interested students declare the Design Studies BS/BA concentration in their first semester and apply to the Graphic Design BFA program at the end of the term in which the screening prerequisites will be completed (usually in the student’s third term). Transferring students apply to the Graphic Design BFA program at the end of the semester at Towson in which they qualify. Admission into Towson University and declaration of the Design Studies concentration does not guarantee acceptance into the Graphic Design BFA Concentration. The number selected will be on a space-available basis. Ranking is determined by the average of each student’s screening GPA and screening portfolio score. Portfolios are reviewed in a blind review process conducted by a committee utilizing a university-approved rubric.

Graphic Design Screening Procedures

  1. A minimum GPA of 2.67 in the Art + Design major.
  2. The following courses or equivalent transferred courses must be completed by the end of term in which the student applies to the Graphic Design option:

    •  All First Level Foundations courses
    •  ART 220 or 219
    •  ART 234 or 235
    •  ART 317 and ART 355

  3. Submit a digital portfolio labeled with your assigned screening number, during the submission period that includes: 

    •  Two pieces each from ART 103
    •  Two pieces each from ART 211
    •  Two pieces from ART 234 or 235*
    •  Three pieces each from ART 220/219 + 317 + 355

    Total number of projects: 15–18 (a series counts as one project).

    *If you have not taken ART234/235 yet, substitute two photos you have taken yourself, any subject, B&W or color.

  4. Specific screening information and deadlines are posted each semester.
  5. Students must pass screening before taking ART 417 Graphic Design II.
  6. Students will be notified of the results via their Towson email.
  7. Students not accepted may reapply one more time.