Fine Arts Track

Drawing, painting, ceramics and sculpture.  Gain exposure to traditional skill sets in the arts as you pursue liberal arts courses that provide a solid foundation in theory, history, philosophy and culture.

This track offers you wide exposure to the fine arts disciplines represented in the department as part of a broad-based liberal arts curriculum. Art majors in the fine arts track complete 42 units, including 21 units in foundations courses, 15 units in required courses, and 6 units in elective courses.

Develop your artistic voice as you discover how to analyze art and place it in an historical context. This flexible and multidisciplinary track will broaden your perspective on the arts. Students in this track complete the B.S./B.A. degree. View degree requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog.


  • Small classes taught by experienced faculty give you a real opportunity to interact with your instructors and fellow classmates.
  • Towson’s beautiful 329-acre campus gives you a unique metropolitan perspective, providing opportunities for collaborative and interdisciplinary learning.
  • Participate in an enriched learning environment, promoting excellence in the classroom, studio, community and through e-learning.


Fine Arts Student Work Gallery

Fine Arts students create 3–5 studio projects per course. Fine Arts studio projects demonstrate students' technical and aesthetic skills for creating artworks in the studio fine arts disciplines. Fine Arts student work by: David Schlesinger (left), Lucy Saper (bottom right).