Sculpture Concentration

Balance concept and process as you gain experience with figure modeling, carving, plaster and bronze casting, wood fabrication and lamination.

Build upon fundamental skills and ideas as you are introduced to virtually all art-making tools, materials and processes. Gain experience with all forms of welded metals and experimental directions, including installation and performance art. You will be guided through a carefully orchestrated program that builds upon art history. Learn how art directions develop, how ideas about art and culture evolve and how artists create aesthetic statements that reflect an understanding of concept and process. Students in this concentration can complete the B.S./B.A. or B.F.A. View degree requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Beyond the Classroom

You are strongly encouraged to attend lectures, openings, and exhibitions to further enhance your ability to produce successful artwork. Faculty and graduate students exhibit creative work, make their work accessible to students, and serve as mentors to undergraduates. Faculty exhibit with undergraduate students at times. Periodically, Towson students compete with students at other art institutions in venues such as the Maryland Federation of Art Emerging Artist Exhibitions and the International Sculpture Center.

Take a Tour

Undergraduate tours of the art department are offered regularly. Guided tours in the summer are available by special arrangement and self-guided tours are available any weekday.  Take a virtual tour of the sculpture studio.

photo of professor Jon Lundak
Jon Lundak, Associate Professor Sculpture

“I love working side by side with students, as we use a tactile approach to creative problem solving, design and concept.” Jon Lundak, Associate Professor


Students are encouraged to participate in an internship program, experiencing work with a professional in the field.

Sculpture Student Work Gallery

Sculpture students create 3–5 studio projects per course. Sculpture studio projects demonstrate students' technical and aesthetic skills for developing a studio Sculpture practice. Sculpture student work by: Jeff Ellis (left), Casey Schafer (top right), Jenny Rose (bottom right).