Departmental advisors are here to help you, so take advantage of all they have to offer you!


Before you attend your advising session, watch this video to make sure you are prepared for the meeting with your advisor!

Prepare for Advising (video)

General Advising Information

  • Departmental advising must take place each semester that you have an advising hold or a degree completion plan hold on your PeopleSoft student account
  • First-year experience students (non-transfer) are required to meet with their FYE Advisors at least twice in the fall semester and once in the spring semester
  • First-term seniors must seek advising to make sure you are ready to apply for graduation 
  • Graduating seniors are not required to have your hold removed, if you do not need to register for classes for the following semester
  • The Academic Requirements Report is the official document used by the department and graduation office to evaluate if you have completed the requirements for your degree, so you should monitor this report each semester

  • Department advisors can only remove academic advising holds; all other holds (student account hold, health center hold, etc.) must be dealt with separately

First-Semester Transfer Students

Once admitted to Towson University, you will attend a TU Orientation session where you will meet a COMM advisor who will help you register for classes and answer any questions; you will then be assigned a permanent department advisor. Transfer students may find these other links helpful:

New Majors Advising

If you are new to the major, but not to the university, we want to acclimate you to the department. Once your change of major is processed, you will receive an email from the department asking you to complete a New Majors Onboarding session, where you will learn about the requirements of the major and department opportunities. Once you complete your onboarding session, you'll be assigned a regular advisor, who will assist you as you move through the major.

Individual Advising

In order to get an advising hold removed, you must meet with your assigned advisor. Departmental advising takes place primarily during October & November and March & April. Your advisor will email you prior to the start of departmental advising to ask you to make an appointment. 

Degree Completion Planning

If you have a hold on your account that requires you to submit your degree completion plan, you will need to meet with an advisor. When you meet with your advisor, please come prepared to discuss your plan toward graduation.

A suggested degree completion plan for the communication studies major can be found in the catalogue.