Championing Diversity in the Dance World

In TU’s Department of Dance, Brittany Wright is moving closer to her lifelong ambition of performing in a professional dance company.

Brittany Wright

Brittany Wright has been dancing since she was four years old, initially studying ballet and more recently contemporary dance. Her enthusiasm led her to summer experiences with the Miami City Ballet, North Carolina City Ballet and programs in Canada and Europe.

Her “a-ha” moment came when she trained with the Alonzo King Lines, a contemporary dance company in San Francisco. “I looked around and most of the people in the room were people of color,” recalls Wright. “It was a transformative moment and incredibly empowering.”

“ I appreciate that hard conversations are not pushed aside at Towson University. ”

Brittany Wright

Diversity was a main factor in Wright’s decision to study dance at Towson University. “The diverse group of students and faculty and the diversity of theories, ideas and concepts encouraged me,” explains Wright, noting the national reputation of Professor Linda-Denise Fisher-Harrell, who was a member of the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater. “It is breathtaking to be in her classroom.”

In tumultuous times, Wright shares how the Department of Dance invites students to tap their humanity to develop a greater level of understanding of others. “My journey is to find my voice as a woman of color, and I appreciate that hard conversations are not pushed aside at TU,” says Wright, who has participated in numerous TU student performances working with student choreographers. “Creating a dance piece is a huge bonding experience, and TU students have become my second family.”

Department Chair Catherine Horta-Hayden has supported Wright from the moment she stepped foot on campus. “She saw something in me that I did not see. She saw my potential and pushed me,” explains Wright. “This program helped me curate my passion for dance and change the way I approach and perform movement.”

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