Study Abroad

Mass communication students can choose from a variety of study abroad programs, including Towson University programs, exchanges, and affiliate programs. The cost to participate varies from program to program, as do the services included. Federal financial aid can be used and Study Abroad scholarships are also available.


Corporate Communication in the UK (MCOM 479, 3 credits)

What are you doing this Minimester?

Why not spend time in London, one of the liveliest cities in the world? Earn 3 upper-level credits while learning about Corporate Communication in the UK and  immersing yourself in the British way of life.

Scholarships may be possible. For more information, visit Find a Program in the Study Abroad Office.


Communication and Global Competence in Barcelona

Barcelona is a vibrant, energetic city on the Mediterranean coast of Spain with rich history and a modern, avant-garde contemporary culture. Join this tremendously popular study abroad experience and learn about Communication and Global Competence in Barcelona

Learn more about the program or start your application. Scholarships and financial aid funds are available from the Study Abroad Office.