Why Study Mass Communication?

Good communication skills are critical to our success, from personal interactions with friends and family to business relationships that require communicating ideas through individual correspondence, presentations and the mass media.

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Five Reasons to Study Mass Communication

  1. Channel your multiple interests and talents into one discipline that can be applied to virtually every aspect of your personal and professional life.
  2. Gain competencies that can be applied to any work setting, including critical thinking, analysis and problem solving, and writing and speaking skills.
  3. Expand your understanding of the world and mass media and prepare to tackle the most complex global, cultural, political and business challenges.
  4. Pursue a career in traditional communication fields such as advertising, journalism or public relations or use your skills in healthcare, financial services, information technology, federal agencies and nonprofits.
  5. Learn to choose and use the most effective communication tools and strategies to promote messages, products and programs.

Gain hands-on experience creating your own productions. Take advantage of the journalism, multimedia, video and audio labs.

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Get help financing your education. A number of scholarships are available for majors in the department.

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