Scholarships, Grants & Awards

The Department of Mass Communication offers an impressive number of scholarships to qualified students. Some are general and recognize promising students, while others are more specific and recognize students who show an interest in a particular area of study. 

The bulk of the scholarships are awarded during spring semester. Check here for specifics on what scholarships are available the beginning of each semester.

Applying for a Fall 2022 Scholarship: DEADLINE Friday, Mar. 4, 2022

All Mass Communication scholarship opportunities are available through an on-line scholarship application award system called Blackbaud Award Management (BAM), also known as Academic Works. Mass Communication students should visit that site and see what scholarships match their credentials.  The site gives information about each scholarship and also details HOW to apply for each one. 

To access BAM, please visit and login with your TU NetID and password.

First, BAM will automatically match you to scholarships for which you qualify based upon your information within the Towson University Student Information System. Next, you may be asked to supply a short application, a reference or essay to complete some applications.

The MCOM Scholarship Committee will then review all submitted applications and make its award decisions. 

The deadline for all scholarship materials to be turned in is Friday, March 4, 2022.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact:
Professor Jenny Atwater-Chair of the Mass Communication Scholarship Committee
Phone: 410-704-2004