Admission Requirements

Admission to the EMF major is granted only by the department through a screening process. Admission to the university does not constitute or guarantee admission to the major.

Applications for the major, including the creative essay, are due by the last day of classes each semester. No late submissions are accepted.

To be considered for admission to the major, all students, as pre-EMF students, must attain a 3.00 GPA in the following three core courses:

  • EMF 120 Concept and Story
  • EMF 140 Introduction to Electronic Media and Film
  • EMF 221 Principles of Film and Media Production

Transfer students may complete the equivalent courses at their previous college or university, but they must attain the overall 3.00 GPA in the equivalent courses.

Students who have completed the required core courses with a 3.00 GPA must complete and submit a Declaration of Eligibility Form in the EMF office to become part of the student major pool.

Successful completion of the EMF core courses does not guarantee admission to the EMF major. Admission to the EMF major is competitive and is determined by the satisfactory completion of the core courses, the cumulative GPA, and the evaluation of a submitted creative essay. This policy will apply to native and transfer students.

Admission to the EMF major is based on:

  • The number of majors that the department can reasonably accept without compromising the quality of its educational experience. No fewer than 75 students will be admitted to the EMF major within an academic calendar year.
  • The satisfactory completion of the core admission courses, the student’s cumulative GPA, and submitted creative essay. The candidates with the highest ranking GPA from the pool of applicants will be selected
  • Creative Essay: As part of the admission process, students will be required to write a creative essay. All transfer students will also be required to submit a creative essay. Please tell us why you want to pursue a course of study in Electronic Media and Film. How have your life experiences, creative interests and professional goals influenced your choice of this major?

Compose and attach on separate pages the essay (no more than 500 words or approximately two pages double spaced, printed with 12-point font). The EMF Admissions Committee will use your essay to determine your ability to organize your thoughts and express yourself clearly. The committee evaluates the essays for originality, clarity, personal insight and creativity. The essay will be used to make decisions in cases where the applicant’s cumulative GPA is marginal. In such cases, it will be used to provide an additional means of evaluation for those who might not otherwise be admitted to the major.