Admission Requirements

Admission to the EMF major is granted only by the department through a screening process. Admission to the university does not constitute or guarantee admission to the major.

Applications for the EMF major are reviewed throughout the year.

To be considered for admission to the major, all students, as pre-EMF students, must attain a 3.00 GPA in the following three core courses:

  • EMF 120 Concept and Story
  • EMF 140 Introduction to Electronic Media and Film
  • EMF 221 Principles of Film and Media Production

Transfer students may complete the equivalent courses at their previous college or university, but they must attain the overall 3.00 GPA in the equivalent courses.

Students who have completed the required core courses with a 3.00 GPA must complete and submit an EMF Major Application online to become part of the student major pool.