Electronic Media & Film Major Application

Thank you for expressing interest in becoming part of the Electronic Media and Film Major.

Fun Fact about our Program: Towson University’s EMF program is the largest film and media school in Maryland.

To apply for the major, you must submit the application by the deadline specified. The applicant will be notified to the results of the application within 30 days after the application deadline.

Application Deadline:

  • January 3 (Fall semester)
  • January 25 (Minimester)
  • June 15 (Spring semester)
  • Aug 15 (Summer)

Please select the grade you received in each of these courses.
Please note: You can only apply to the major if you have a posted grade of C or better in each course. The overall GPA between the three courses needs to be 3.0 or above for entrance into the EMF Major.