Opportunities for Non-Majors

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The Department of Music offers numerous opportunities for students to engage in  music study in a supportive environment. These include private lessons, participation in ensembles, and a diverse array of classes, many of which fulfill requirements in the Towson University Core Curriculum. 

Classes include the following:

TSEM 102 TOWSON SEMINAR: NOTABLE MUSIC MAKERS (3) Immersive study of composers / performers / improvisers, their creative output, their historical and cultural context, and their continuing relevance in today's music cultures. Recent topics have featured John Williams, Duke Ellington, Janelle Monae, Nina Simone, Leonard Bernstein, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

MUSC 101 INTRODUCTION TO MUSIC OF THE WESTERN HERITAGE (3) Masterworks of European and American art music from the perspective of contemporary society through lecture, listening and discussion. Open to non-music majors; does not satisfy major or minor requirement. Core: Arts & Humanities.

MUSC 105 MUSIC THEORY FOR NON-MAJORS (3) Theoretical concepts through practical experiences with notation, meter, scales, intervals and chord structures. Open to non-majors and music minors. Core: Creativity & Creative Development. Lab/Class fee will be assessed.

MUSC 111 INTRODUCTION TO MUSIC IN THE U.S. (3) Traditional, popular and classical music in the U.S. from the colonial period to the present. Core: The United States as a Nation.

MUSC 114 MUSIC, TECHNOLOGY, AND CULTURE (3) The role of technology in helping to shape the development of music and culture from the late 19th century onward. Core: Arts & Humanities.

MUSC 115 MUSIC, IDENTITY AND DIFFERENCE (3) Exploring the role of music in the expression of personal identity and cultural difference. Core: Diversity & Difference.

MUSC 116 SONGWRITING AND BASIC MUSIC COMPOSITION FOR NON-MAJORS (3) Develop techniques of basic music composition utilizing software that supports songwriting and audio production. Soundtrack, Pop, Folk, Hip Hop, and R&B songwriting genres. Core: Creativity & Creative Development. Lab/Class fee will be assessed.

MUSC 117 SOUND OF THE CITY/MUSIC IN URBAN SPACES (3) Exploring music and its relationship to civic identity in diverse urban cultures. Core: Metropolitan Perspectives.

MUSC 123 JAZZ HISTORY FOR NON-MAJORS (3) Stylistic survey of major currents in the history of jazz. Explores importance of this musical tradition in American culture. Core: The United States as a Nation.

MUSC 125 HONORS JAZZ HISTORY FOR NON-MAJORS (3) An examination of major currents in the history of jazz. Explores the importance of this musical tradition in American culture through discussion, analysis, listening and independent study. Honors College Course. Core: The United States as a Nation.

MUSC 127 ELEMENTS AND HISTORY OF ROCK MUSIC (3) Contributions to rock music through basic musical elements.

MUSC 202 MUSIC CULTURES OF THE WORLD (3) The study of music as an integral part of global society and culture. Core: Global Perspectives.

MUSC 204 HIP-HOP MUSIC AND CULTURE (3) A critical introduction to hip-hop music—its aesthetics, politics, and historical development from a late twentieth-century urban youth movement to a global pop culture phenomenon. Core: United States as a Nation.

MUSC 205 WOMEN IN WESTERN MUSIC (3) Roles and contributions of women composers and performers from ancient Greece to contemporary American society. Core: Diversity & Difference.

MUSC 287 CREATIVE MUSIC TECHNOLOGY (3) Theory, techniques, practices, and aesthetics surrounding creative applications of current and emerging music technologies. Prerequisite: previous experience in High School music programs or consent of the department. Core: Creativity/Creative Development.

MUSC 350 MUSIC INDUSTRY: LIVE PERFORMANCE (3) A survey of the music business focusing on songwriting, publishing, copyright, licensing, agents, managers, artist contracts, unions, concerts, musical theatre, arts administration and music products. Prerequisite: junior standing or department consent.

MUSC 355 ETHICAL ISSUES AND PERSPECTIVES IN MUSIC (3) Issues, dilemmas, and legalities encountered in defining, creating, distributing, and accessing music with special attention given to digital formats. Prerequisites: sophomore standing and
ENGL 102. Core: Ethical Issues & Perspectives.

MUSC 382 RECORDING TECHNIQUES I (3) A course in recording techniques involving the history, concepts, and mechanics of the recording process. In-class technical labs, tutorials, and hands-on recording sessions will contribute to the development of core technical and aesthetic skills. Several class meetings will consist of recording sessions in the Music Department recording studio. Prerequisites: EMF 265, or MUSC 287, or department consent. Lab/Class fee will be assessed.

MUSC 450 MUSIC INDUSTRY: RECORDING AND DIGITAL MEDIA (3) A survey of the music business focusing on record production, labels, promotion, distribution and marketing and on music in radio, television, videos, advertising, movies, games and production libraries. Prerequisite: Junior standing or department consent.

MUSC 482 RECORDING TECHNIQUES II (3) Advanced subjects in audio engineering: ProTools, recording and mixing in surround sound, advanced MIDI applications and professional mastering techniques. Includes regular studio work. Prerequisite: MUSC 382 or department consent. Lab/Class fee will be assessed.

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