Workshops & Programs


The Counseling Center offers a calendar of programs and events open to the university community. Members of our staff as well as peer educators, are available to present programs on a wide variety of topics to TU student organizations, classes, university departments, staff, and offices that serve TU students.

In addition to our scheduled programs, the Counseling Center can arrange programs that may be of interest to your group or class. Counseling Center staff are available to be part of panel discussions that involve issues related to relationships, stress, families, the college experience, dealing with difficult issues, grief and loss, etc.

Connecting during covid "cdc" daily groups (will resume in spring 2021 semester)

Self-Compassion and Boundaries

Being a student during a worldwide pandemic is challenging in many aspects. Join this every Monday at 4pm to develop your self-compassion and develop techniques for boundary setting. This includes self-kindness, recognizing our common humanity, and learning mindfulness techniques such as establishing healthy appropriate boundaries with both individuals as well as things in your life.

Facilitator: Feven Ghile

8 Dimensions of Wellness

This series of Connecting During COVID (CDC) outreach groups will explore the 8 Dimensions of Wellness that have been identified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA; a branch of HHS).  Each week will focus on a different dimension with additional value-related wellness information interspersed as needed. Each week, students will develop a personalized plan to better live the values of that session in their own lives. Join us every Tuesday at 1pm to explore and better understand your values.

Facilitator: Ryan Smout

The How-To Guide to Staying Connected

Connection is an important part of psychological health. Humans are social creatures and strive from support and bonds with others. Feeling connected to a variety of aspects of life can often be difficult, particularly during the current times. This how-to guide aims to help explore the utility of connection and how we can be mindful of maintaining meaningful connections in our lives to help us grow and life our best life. Join us every Wednesday at 3pm to stay connected!

Facilitator: Christina Kennedy

Stress...How Can I Reduce That?

As humans and certainly as students, we ALL experience stress; however, there are things we can do to reduce it.  In this group, we will be exploring and applying techniques surrounding mindfulness, progressive relaxation, and work-life balance as well as connecting to others in a supportive space.  Join us every Thursday at 4pm to learn strategies proven to be effective at reducing stress and its harmful effects. 

Facilitator: Dulcinea Jauregui

Rotating Topics

Facilitator: Rotating

Requesting A Program

Guidelines for Workshop Request

  • Only for TU students or faculty and staff who serve TU students.
  • During the academic year, we do receive a large number of requests so please give us at least three weeks advance notice for all presentation requests.
  • Please select from the list of workshop topics, and indicate if you would like it tailored to specific needs. If the topic is not listed, please feel free to specify what you are interested in and we will do our best to accommodate.
  • We also ask for a minimum of 10 audience participants for each presentation.
  • If the Counseling Center cannot fulfill your request, we will try to connect you with alternative resources.

If your department or organization has recently experienced the loss of a student or a campus tragedy, we can discuss how best to support your needs.

To arrange for a program, please complete our Program Request FormInterested in requesting an alcohol or other drug workshop? Please complete this specific ATOD Program Request Form through the ATOD Prevention Center. 

Following completion of the workshop or program, the Counseling Center asks you to participate in a brief survey. Please complete this survey after every workshop you attend.

Workshop Topics

  • Adjusting to College
  • Anxiety Management
  • Body Image
  • Coping with Depression
  • Dating or Domestic Violence Relationship Issues
  • Diversity Awareness
  • Eating Disorders
  • Grief and Loss
  • Managing Multiple Roles
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Public Speaking Anxiety Reduction
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Sexual Assault Recovery
  • Stress Management
  • Study Skills
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Test Anxiety Reduction
  • Time Management
  • Trauma

Please remember to contact the Counseling Center a minimum of three weeks before the approximate date of the program you are requesting to ensure our availability.