Message from the Vice President of Enrollment Management

Welcome to the Division of Enrollment Management.

Boyd Bradshaw

Several factors influence a student’s college choice, student success, retention, and timely graduation.  TU’s commitment to recruiting and retaining students led to the creation of the Division of Enrollment Management and the hiring of the inaugural Vice President.

The Division has over 120 staff and is comprised of the following offices: Admissions (undergraduate, graduate, and international), Academic Advising, Retention & Completion, Financial Aid, the Tutoring & Learning Center, and the Registrar. Enrollment Management also coordinates other areas supporting strategic enrollment initiatives, outreach, and partnerships, technology, and administrative support. Together, with our Enrollment Management divisional portfolio, we form a collaborative, student-centered, service-driven, and outcomes-oriented team committed to cultural inclusivity, effective use of data, and staff excellence.

Building a foundational approach for Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) is necessary to succeed in today’s volatile higher education environment. To meet both recruitment and student success goals, Towson recently embarked on a campus-wide process to create a strategic enrollment plan. Strategic Enrollment Planning (SEP) may be defined as an integrated, information-based, and ongoing process that involves the campus in identifying, prioritizing, implementing, evaluating, and modifying enrollment goals and strategies, and that effectively and efficiently:

  • Ensures the realization of the institutional mission and vision.
  • Represents a systems approach that integrally links planning, budgeting, and assessment.
  • Builds on the institutions’ competitive advantages while addressing the changing higher education marketplace and environment.
  • Enhances the institution’s ability to attract and retain students and to meet students’ needs and expectations, both currently and in the future.
  • Embodies a continuous process of improvement, which is part of an ongoing, sustainable process that is routinely refined and updated.
  • Brings the academic community together, fosters collaboration, and ensures organizational learning.

Serving as a Chief Enrollment Officer in higher education for over 20 years, I know that our career field often asks for long days that creep into nights, sacrificed weekends, and spending more time at work than with our loved ones — and that is not easy. The dedication, hard work, and talent of each team member is noticed and greatly appreciated. Their efforts make a genuine difference for our community, our students, and their families. I could not be prouder to be serving TU as the Vice President for Enrollment Management.

Boyd A. Bradshaw, Ed.D.
Vice President of Enrollment Management