Records Management

Departmental Records Responsibilities

All TU departments that serve as the Office of Record, or the responsible office, for their department’s business records are required to develop a record retention and disposal schedule which inventories records by type and indicates each record’s retention period and method of disposal. The retention period must comply with USM standards (PDF) and retention guidance, or a reasonable departmental standard if no applicable USM standard exists. Departments must also document record disposals on the certificate of records disposal, and update their record schedule as necessary (but at least every ten years).

University Archives

The University Archives in Cook Library maintains university records that have an enduring value in providing information about the history, development, administrative changes, policies and social interactions of the university community. The Archives is interested in receiving materials that relate to the history and development of your area and your area's programs and policies. Contact the archives office for additional information on the materials that they accept.