About the College

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The Jess and Mildred Fisher College of Science and Mathematics offers undergraduate and graduate programs in the physical, mathematical, computational and life sciences, with an emphasis on student success through improving student retention, persistence and time-to-graduation. The Fisher College promotes a wide range of opportunities for authentic research experiences for all undergraduates. The college is the home of numerous STEM education and outreach programs including Towson UTeach-Towson’s path to becoming a high school science or mathematics teachers.

Mission Statement

Through rigorous and high quality undergraduate programs in a wide variety of scientific, computing and mathematical disciplines and graduate programs in research-based, practice-based, applied and interdisciplinary fields, FCSM prepares its students to live and work productively in a scientific and technological world and to pursue learning throughout their lives. Faculty members engage both their undergraduate and graduate students through interactive teaching, advising, basic and applied research, and collaborative activities internally and externally. They form partnerships both to serve the metropolitan community as well as to meet regional, national and international needs. The result is dedicated, innovative, flexible, and highly prepared individuals who excel in graduate school, professional school, and careers in industry, government and teaching.

Vision Statement

To be recognized as one of the best and most effective learning environments in Maryland for preparing undergraduate and graduate students in the natural, physical and computing sciences and mathematics to work, live and lead in a highly complex scientific and technological world. FCSM faculty members are teacher-scholars who commit themselves to a high level of interaction with their students - both undergraduate and graduate-in challenging, innovative, interdisciplinary, research-based, practice-based and applied programs. This results in graduates who are fully qualified to work in any setting and also to lead others with their passion for discovery.