The College at a Glance

The Jess and Mildred Fisher College - Inspiring Student Exploration in Science and Mathematics for the 21st Century

fall campus scene
  • Five Departments, four Interdisciplinary Programs, four Centers, three Pre-Professional Programs, and a Women in Science Program
  • Over 30 Undergraduate Academic Concentrations and Tracks
  • Many opportunities for undergraduate students to partake in meaningful research experiences
  • Maryland's first UTeach Program for preparing Secondary School STEM Teachers
  • One Doctoral Program, eight Master's Programs, and seven Graduate Certificate Programs
  • Over 180 full-time faculty
  • Over 3,100 undergraduate majors and 550 Bachelor's Degrees awarded in 2014
  • Over 820 graduate students enrolled, 9 Doctoral Degrees, 230 Master's Degrees and 111 Graduate Certificates awarded in 2014