Diversity Action

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FCSM Diversity Action Mission Statement

The Fisher College of Science and Mathematics (FCSM), in accordance with the Towson University Strategic Plan, believes that we must support initiatives that promote diversity among FCSM faculty, staff and students while continuing to meet the workforce needs of the State of Maryland. To fulfill that vision, we are committed to increasing the quality and diversity of our students, faculty and staff while increasing retention, curriculum initiatives, scholarship and research.

Defining Diversity

Diversity is a pluralistic term and emphasizes different areas. Hence, diversity as defined by the FCSM includes attending to climate, recruitment and retention of students, staff and faculty of various age, career experiences, nationality, philosophies and viewpoints, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, gender, disabilities and race. Addressing different dimensions of diversity in this manner ensures that Towson University, and specifically the FCSM, attends to a perennial diversity challenge in post-secondary education.

Fisher College and Departmental Diversity Action

Below are links to the Fisher College's Diversity Action Committee and its Diversity Action Plan. Following these are links to FCSM Departmental Diversity Action Plans


Faculty Recruitment

When departments that are recruiting for an open faculty position, there are many, good resources that are useful in ensuring diversity in the process.

Diversity Resources

FCSM Family and Medical Responsibility Faculty Workload Guidelines

Faculty who need to take "Family and Medical Leave" need to refer to the guidelines proposed to and approved by the FCSM College Council. These may be found at