Family & Medical Leave Guidelines

The Fisher College of Science and Mathematics is committed to creating a family supportive environment for our faculty. The following guidelines for requesting a workload modification supplement the Board of Regents Policy on Family and Medical Leave for Faculty (II-1.31,, the Board of Regents Policy on Parental Leave (II-1.25, ), and Towson University's policies. These guidelines apply to all full time tenured and tenure-track faculty members, clinical faculty members and senior lecturers who are entitled to take Family and Medical Leave or Parental Leave for one of the following reasons:

  • the birth of the faculty member's child, when the faculty member is the principal caregiver,
  • the placement of a child with the faculty member for adoption or foster care,
  • the need to take care of the faculty member's immediate family member who has a serious health condition, or
  • the serious health condition of the faculty member.

The Board of Regents Policy on Parental Leave lists the following measures to support a "family friendly" environment:

  • a minimum assured period of paid parental leave of eight (8) weeks,
  • the adoption of Family Support Plans at each institution,
  • minimum requirements to extend the time for tenure review for new parents, and
  • the availability of lactation facilities on each campus.

After eight weeks of parental/sick leave, it may not be feasible for the faculty member to return to instructional duties. Therefore, a workload modification plan should be developed that provides guidance and direction to the faculty member's work until the next semester begins. The proposed workload modification will usually involve a reassignment of the faculty member's time to research and service duties. Here are the guidelines for such a plan.

  • A written workload modification plan should be sent with supporting documentation to the Department Chair.
  • The Chair will forward the plan for approval by the Dean.
  • The Dean (in consultation with the Provost) will authorize the plan in compliance with university policies.

A faculty member with a workload modification who is on the tenure track will automatically be given a one year "stop the clock" deferral of the tenure review. Faculty members have the option to opt out of this one year extension by indicating this in a letter to the Chair and Dean. All scholarship during the "stop the clock" period will be included in the tenure review process.