Business & Community Outreach Award

The Award for 2018

faith weeks and vonnie shields
Dr. Faith Weeks and Acting Dean Vonnie Shields

The Business and Community Outreach Award is given for demonstrated ability to reach successfully beyond the campus to develop and sustain mutually beneficial relationships with business, industry, and local school districts.

While the recipient has been a member of the TU community only since 2015, he/she has already distinguished himself/herself as someone who is not only developing a research program but also educating the public about the subject of that research and its use in educational settings. The awardee’s first partnership was with the TU Center for STEM Excellence. Jointly with Dr. Mary Stapleton, the awardee developed summer PD workshops for science teachers. These workshops, which address a critical need for motivating and engaging standards-based science lessons, have been so sought after that a waiting list has become necessary.

As this faculty member was developing his/her research program, he/she needed to repeatedly purchase certain materials from an outside vendor. Over time, the recipient developed a relationship with the company and was asked to contribute to that company’s internal processes in ways that have improved the experiences of numerous science educators across the country. Last but not least, this year’s awardee has been volunteering her time and expertise at the Smithsonian Institution, where she engages visitors from different countries and nationalities and of all ages in informal science education outreach.

Join me in offering congratulations to Dr. Faith Weeks from the Department of Biological Sciences, the 2018 winner of the FCSM Business & Community Outreach Award.

(As presented by Acting Associate Dean  Angel Kumchev at the Fisher College of Science and Mathematics Forum on December 7, 2018.)