Business & Community Outreach Award

The Award for 2017

vonnie shields and josh dehlinger
Associate Dean Vonnie Shileds and Dr. Josh Dehlinger

Our recipient joined Towson University as an Assistant Professor in 2008 and wears a number of different departmental hats. One of the critical service roles performed by our awardee has involved spearheading an industrial-departmental outreach. As Internship Coordinator in the department, this recipient has not only conducted outreach and independently fostered relationships with a wide variety of organizations, but has been enthusiastic and helpful in relationship-building work organized by the Career Center. The Director of the Career Center iterated that our awardee is “clearly committed to connecting students to quality opportunities and takes the time to coach recruiters around how to structure effective and significant internships”. She went on to say that our recipient “is a pleasure to  work with and that his proactive outreach to the community, commitment to student success, and willingness to contribute within and beyond the college makes him a deserving recipient.” Our awardee plays, in addition, an important role in facilitating the industrial practicum part of the curriculum into the department’s undergraduate programs, allowing the students to develop holistic skills to prosper after graduation. Over this time, the department has seen a sharp increase in the number of internship opportunities, attributed mainly to an increase in majors. On top of this, our recipient has been successful in acquiring a number of external grants. Most notable amongst these, are: PI on a NSF grant that produced mobile development experiences for students in and out of the classroom and Co-PI on an NSF Cybercorps grant.  Our recipient has been active in producing research publications, giving invited presentations, teaching eight different courses, serving as Program Chair and Committee Member for several conferences and workshops, and a reviewer of proposals, papers, and books. Most notably, back in 2013, our recipient was awarded the FCSM Mentoring Award. 

Join me in offering congratulations to Dr. Josh Dehlinger from the Department of Computer and Information Sciences.

(As presented by Associate Dean Vonnie Shields at the Fisher College of Science and Mathematics Forum on December 8, 2017.)