Outstanding Faculty Award

The Award for 2017

angel kumchev and vonnie shields
Associate Dean Vonnie Shields and Dr. Tatyana Sorokina

The recipient of the Outstanding Faculty Award has been at Towson University for 10 years and has many accomplishments to demonstrate exemplary effectiveness as a scholar, teacher, and colleague. The impact of her work has been recognized by our awardee’s publications, receiving numerous citations. Our recipient is a productive and proficient scholar and has received a five-year, highly competitive, external grant from the Simons Foundation.  In addition, our awardee has been involved in interdisciplinary research with one of her fellow colleagues. This joint collaboration originated from their effort to involve undergraduate students in research in their discipline and this research has been supported by FCSM through several internal grants.  This collaboration resulted in a few peer-reviewed publications.  In 2011, our recipient was awarded the FCSM Excellence in Scholarship award and has received several internal and external travel grants to support local and travel abroad to present this research.  Our awardee has taught a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses and has achieved successfully high teaching evaluation scores.  One student indicated, “I would recommend this faculty member.” “She truly cares about us and wants us to learn.” Another student said “she is the best professor I have ever had her at Towson. ”I tried taking this course last semester, but wound up having to withdraw.”  It made me realize how much I really appreciate this professor’s teaching style.”  Our recipient has used technology in the classroom by developing online and hybrid courses and received $20,000 from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Our awardee has contributed her service on all fronts: to her department, college, university, and profession.  Our recipient co-organized a 2015 conference that attracted only the most respected leaders in her discipline.  One of our awardee’s colleagues commented that “our recipient’s energy and enthusiasm have been a constant source of inspiring challenges for me during my time at Towson.  Our awardee has a unique ability to awaken students’ talents”.  This faculty member went on to say that “she was struck by her ability to keep the delicate balance between challenging students, yet offering them enough support.”

It is my great pleasure to present this award to Dr. Tatyana Sorokina from the Mathematics Department.

(As presented by Associate Dean Vonnie Shields at the Fisher College of Science and Mathematics Forum on December 8, 2017.)