Outstanding Lecturer Award

The Award for 2018

iliana zimand and vonnie shields
Ms. Iliana Zimand and Acting Dean Vonnie Shields

The FCSM Outstanding Lecturer Award was created last year to recognize specifically the contributions of our lecturers, whose numbers have seen considerable growth over the past decade and who contribute just as much as tenured/tenure-track faculty to our educational mission. This award recognizes a lecturer for extraordinary excellence and dedication to student success, demonstrated by exemplary classroom teaching and the development of effective teaching methods and course materials.

This year’s award recipient has been teaching at Towson University for almost 20 years. During that time, he/she has “set the gold standard” for teaching the entry courses in the departmental major. Put simply—and I quote: “There is no other instructor who better prepares students in these important courses than [the nominee].”  He/She serves as the course coordinator for those courses and works tirelessly to ensure that instructional quality is consistent across the department. This includes assisting other instructors to develop syllabi, instructional materials and assessments as well as collaborating with faculty teaching subsequent courses in the major to ensure that curricula are aligned properly. The awardee is fair and consistent and sets high expectations, tempered with a dry sense of humor that encourages students to thrive. Her broad knowledge, meticulous organization, and passion for student success have been rewarded by students with consistently high student evaluation. Even more importantly, students enjoy and appreciate the awardee’s teaching to the point that they recommend her courses to other students, while her colleagues refer to her as a “bedrock for quality in the department.”

Please, join me in offering congratulations to Ms. Iliana Zimand from the Department of Computer and Information Sciences, the 2018 FCSM Outstanding Lecturer

(As presented by Acting Associate Dean Angel Kumchev at the Fisher College of Science and Mathematics Forum on December 7, 2018.)