Excellence in Scholarship Award

The Award for 2017

vonnie shields and john sivey
Associate Dean Vonnie Shields and Dr. John Sivey

This year’s recipient of the Excellence in Scholarship award has established a strong research record since arriving to Towson University in 2012. In this relatively short period of time, this faculty member has mentored a diverse group of research students, including 13 from TU and co-advised many from Johns Hopkins University. In addition, he has advised one Masters student in the Environmental Sciences program. As a nominator indicated, “many of this recipient’s colleagues will attest to the fact that he has done a wonderful job in recruiting excellent students, as they have often been seen working long hours at TU, which is a testament to this faculty member’s leadership style and high expectations.” A student stated: that “this faculty member is dedicated to his work.” ”This faculty member’s drive and determination is obvious to us, students, and it is [his/her] devotion that pushes us to grow and excel.” “The drive our mentor displays serves not only as an example of scholarship, but as a motivator for us to be scholars of the same caliber.” Together with these students, our recipient has authored or co-authored 18 presentations at national conferences, three manuscripts, one peer-reviewed book chapter, and one non-peer reviewed technical report. This awardee’s students have received several research grants from the Office of Undergraduate Research (now called OURCI) and many college-wide undergraduate research grants and travel grants. Many of this faculty member’s students have gone on to pursue graduate degrees at well-ranked institutions or have secured positions in the environmental sector and industry. Apart from publications with his/her students, our awardee has published five peer-reviewed manuscripts, which have appeared in top-notch journals, one technical report, and two peer-reviewed book chapters, in addition to having delivered invited lectures at local and national meetings. Comments from peer reviewers indicate that our recipient’s research is “very elegant” and the “study design is superb”. They have gone on to say that “this work will be of great interest and is likely to be quite influential as a model for future studies.” Our recipient’s research has been featured on WBAL and NPR regarding STEM education. Monetary support for this faculty member’s research has amounted to over $1 million dollars, including a prestigious NSF Career award and several other external and internal grants. In this faculty member’s “spare time”, he/she has co-organized a symposium at a national conference, served on review panels for four grant agencies, served as a panelist, and peer-reviewed close to 40 manuscripts. Moreover, if this is not enough, our recipient was awarded, the Fisher Endowed Chair in 2015 and was one of four finalists selected from an international pool for a New Investigator, early career, award given by the American Chemical Society, Division of Agriculture.

Please join me in offering congratulations to Dr. John Sivey from the Department of Chemistry.

(As presented by Associate Dean Vonnie Shields at the Fisher College of Science and Mathematics Forum on December 8, 2017.)