Staff Performance Award

The Award for 2017

vonnie shields and barb sauer
Associate Dean Vonnie Shields and Ms. Barb Sauer

This year, like last year, we have two recipients who will be awarded the Staff Performance Award.

The first of our awardees came to TU as an Administrative Assistant II nearly three years ago. She was described as being “incredibly quick on the uptake by figuring out all the ins and outs of his/her main and massive duties.”  One letter indicated that she “is a huge asset to our department and has managed tasks with meticulous scrutiny.”  Simply put, our recipient ‘’does not let mistakes happen, especially when it comes to scheduling.”  “Our recipient goes above and beyond to ensure that the department functions smoothly for faculty and students by being proactive.”  Here is an example of our recipient’s meticulousness.  As one nominator described it: “she takes the time to troubleshoot potential conflicts that can arise with the final exam matrix.  Our recipient figures out each faculty member’s exam schedule, as well as locations for their exams, and sends them this information prior to the start of the semester,” and this is with a department of 48 full-time faculty and approximately 60 adjuncts!  It goes without saying that the morale of this large department is kept high when our awardee is at the helm, keeping it running smoothly and efficiently.  Another example of our recipient’s diligence, is by going the extra mile to alert faculty members, well in advance, when technology is not working in a particular classroom.  Still another faculty member commented “I think that our awardee is one of the kindest individuals, and is a true blessing”.  “I have needed her help on many occasions and I have always been given the best advice.” Another faculty member commented that she has seen our awardee perform at work with “meticulousness and extreme conscientiousness.”  “Our recipient “loves people, works hard, and always tries to lift the spirits of those around her.”

For an excellent work ethic and commitment, the 2017 Staff Performance award goes to Mrs. Barb Sauer from the Mathematics Department.

(As presented by Associate Dean Vonnie Shields at the Fisher College of Science and Mathematics Forum on December 8, 2017.)