Staff Performance Award

The Award for 2017

vonnie shields and karen cimino
Associate Dean Vonnie Shields and Ms. Karen Cimino

Our second awardee who will be receiving the Staff Performance Award, goes to an individual who is a highly valued member of our recipient’s department.  Our awardee came to us in 2009.  Our awardee’s main focus has been in serving as the FCSM Elementary Science Internship Coordinator since 2010.  She has been responsible for ensuring that 200 education majors have productive experiences at TU, as they teach science, each week, in local elementary schools.  In this role, our recipient has trained, mentored, and observed instructors teaching the course “Teaching Science in Elementary School” (SCIE 376), as well as having taught one section of this course each semester.  She has received excellent qualitative and quantitative teaching evaluations.  In addition, our recipient has assisted with the orientation of elementary education majors as they transition from their literacy semester into their math/science semester, ran the FCSM-STEM Education Resource Center, directed an equipment-lending library for undergraduates, faculty, and alumni teaching science, served as an excellent liaison to the elementary education department and the College of Education’s Center for Professional Practice, and coordinated with the Departments of Biological Sciences and Mathematics to help create the math/science elementary education cohort schedules.

A nomination letter boasts that our awardee “fits the needs of this position perfectly”, and always performs his/her duties with a “positive attitude and with the best interests of the students, department, and the college in mind.”  Another letter indicates that our recipient has “gone above and beyond her duties to ensure that the TU Elementary Science Internship Program is the best that it can be.”

Join me in offering congratulations to Ms. Karen Cimino from the Department of Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences.

(As presented by Associate Dean Vonnie Shields at the Fisher College of Science and Mathematics Forum on December 8, 2017.)