Ecology, Evolution & Conservation Concentration

Completion of this concentration provides background for advanced studies in botany, zoology, conservation biology or ecology, and/or career opportunities in environmental education, in government environmental regulatory agencies and in the private sector.

Students completing this concentration are encouraged to take both General Botany (BIOL 205) and General Zoology (BIOL 207). Those students taking Biodiversity (BIOL 208) are required to complete an additional elective. Students taking this concentration have the option of choosing to complete a track in either Botany or Zoology, but selection of a track is not required. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in a research experience or internship (e.g., BIOL 491 Independent Research in Biology, BIOL 493 Internship in Biology, BIOL 498 Honors Research or BIOL 499 Senior Thesis in Biology). They should consult with their advisers regarding these opportunities.