Computer & Mathematical Sciences Major

Computer and mathematics sciences majors develop analytical, quantitative skills with a solid theoretical foundation in the latest technological developments.

computer science classroom

The computer and mathematical sciences major is both focused and flexible, with options that will prepare you for careers in government, business, industry and education, or further study in graduate or professional school.

Degree Requirements

View degree requirements and course descriptions for the computer and mathematical sciences major in the Undergraduate Catalog.

General Concentration

The general concentration is a “combined” computer science and mathematics degree, thereby providing an opportunity for students in computer science with an additional interest in mathematics.

Secondary Education Concentration

The secondary education concentration requirements include existing foundational classes in computer science, mathematics and secondary education, including classes from the Towson UTeach program

Why Towson University?

Academic Advantages

  • small classes, state-of-the-art facilities, highly individualized advising and active student clubs, including the Cyber Defense Club and competitive Cybersecurity Team
  • research and internship opportunities through partnerships with federal, state and local government agencies and the information technology industry
  • three active student mathematics clubs offering guest speakers and activities related to problem-solving and career preparation
  • an Applied Mathematics Laboratory where select, advanced students work on research for a local industry or business