Mathematics Minor

The study of mathematics allows us to recognize patterns, apply logic to the world around us, predict trends and quantify results — skills that are useful in many areas. 

Graduates with mathematics backgrounds are highly valued by employers in industry, government and education. The minor in mathematics is an excellent complement to majors in the sciences and humanities, arts, education and health professions.  

The academic offerings in mathematics are innovative and flexible. You’ll gain a solid theoretical background, understanding of concepts, and skills in mathematical problem-solving that will broaden your abilities and enhance your career options. 

Minor Requirements

You can view minor requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog. 

WHY towson University?

Academic Advantages

  • excellent faculty who are dedicated teachers, advisers and researchers 
  • big-school resources with small-school attention 
  • highly individualized advising and extensive student support 

Notes for Minors

Mathematics minors who receive a grade of  “D” in a 100 level course prerequisite to calculus must repeat the course no later than concurrent with calculus.  Mathematics minors must attain a grade of  “C” or higher in any 200, 300 or 400 level course used as a prerequisite or applied towards their minor. Unless otherwise noted, prerequisites must be satisfied prior to taking a course.  The program of the minor should be approved by the student's mathematics department adviser.

Transfer Student Policy

Only courses approved by the Department of Mathematics may be applied to a minor program offered by the department.  If a student submits mathematics units that are more than five years old at the time of admission or readmission, the chair, after reviewing these records, may require that some courses be repeated or that a new course be substituted.

Mathematics minors must take at least four (4) courses of their mathematics minor program at Towson University; at least two (2) courses must be at the upper-division level.