Frequency of Mathematics Courses

All students should see their advisers when planning their schedules. Students majoring in mathematics should request a mathematics adviser in the Department of Mathematics office, 7800 York Road, room 316. Please refer to the Department of Mathematics plan for the frequency of scheduling courses below to fine tune your planning.

Mathematics Plan for the Frequency of Scheduling Courses

Course Title Offered Every Term Offered Once a Year Offered Every 3rd Term* Offered Every 4th Term** Offered Every
DVMT 101 Developmental Mathematics II X       X
MATH 102 Intermediate Algebra X        
MATH 105 Mathematical Ideas X       X
MATH 109 Transition to Algebra for Applications X        
MATH 111 Algebra for Applications X       X
MATH 115 Basic Mathematics for the Sciences X       X
MATH 119 Pre-Calculus X       X
MATH 204 Mathematical Concepts and Structures X       X
MATH 205 Mathematical Concepts and Structures II X       X
MATH 211 Calculus for Applications X       X
MATH 225 Algebra and Number Concepts for Middle School Teachers   Fall      
MATH 230 Computer Lab for Beginning Statistics   Fall      
MATH 231 Basic Statistics X       X
MATH 233 Honors Basic Statistics   Spring      
MATH 235 Statistics and Probability for the Middle School Teacher   Spring      
MATH 237 Elementary Biostatistics X       X
MATH 251 Elements of Geometry X       X
MATH 255 Geometry for Middle School Teachers   Fall      
MATH 263 Discrete Mathematics X       X
MATH 265 Elementary Linear Algebra X       X
MATH 267 Introduction to Abstract Mathematics X       X
MATH 273 Calculus I X       X
MATH 274 Calculus II X       X
MATH 275 Calculus III X       X
MATH 283 Honors Calculus I   Fall      
MATH 290 Functions and Modeling for Secondary School Teachers   Fall      
MATH 293 Honors Seminar in Mathematics   Spring      
MATH 312 Theory of Interest X        
MATH 314
[COSC 314]
Introduction to Cryptography X        
MATH 320 Teaching AP Calculus for Preservice Teachers       Spring
MATH 321 Teaching Mathematics in Early Childhood Education X        
MATH 323 Teaching Mathematics in Elementary School X        
MATH 324 Supervised Observation / Participation in Elementary School Mathematics X        
MATH 325 Mathematical Problem Solving for Middle School Teachers   Spring      
MATH 330 Introduction to Statistical Methods X       X
MATH 331 Probability X       X
MATH 332 Mathematical Statistics X        
MATH 337 Applied Regression and Time Series Analysis X        
MATH 339 Biostatistics II   Fall      
MATH 353 Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometries   Fall      
MATH 369 Introduction to Abstract Algebra X       X
MATH 374 Differential Equations X       X
MATH 377 Mathematical Models   Fall      
MATH 379 Fourier Analysis with Applications   Spring      
MATH 390 Introduction to Actuarial Mathematics   Spring      
MATH 420 Applications of Technology for Secondary School Teachers   Spring      
MATH 423 Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary Schools   Fall      
MATH 424 School-Based Methods for Middle School Mathematics Teaching   Fall      
MATH 425 Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School   Fall      
MATH 426 Student Teaching in Secondary Education-Mathematics X        
MATH 428 Senior Seminar Mathematics Education   Fall
late afternoon
MATH 430 Seminar in Internship   Spring      
MATH 435 Numerical Analysis I   Fall      
MATH 437 Operations Research   Spring      
MATH 438 Actuarial Models   Fall      
MATH 439 Computational Probability Models   Spring      
MATH 442 Actuarial Model Construction   Fall      
MATH 448 Advance Actuarial Models   Spring      
MATH 451 Graph Theory       Spring 2022    
MATH 457 Differential Geometry      Spring 2021    
MATH 463 Linear Algebra       Spring 2022  
MATH 465 Theory of Numbers   Spring      
MATH 467 Algebraic Structures   Fall      
MATH 473 Introductory Real Analysis   Fall      
MATH 475 Complex Analysis   Spring      
MATH 477 Topology       Spring 2021  
MATH 485 Mathematical Finance   Fall      
MATH 486 Risk Management and Financial Engineering   Spring      
MATH 490 Senior Seminar in Mathematics   Spring      
MATH 495 Applied Mathematics Laboratory I   Fall      
MATH 496 Applied Mathematics Laboratory II   Spring      
MATH 498 Senior Seminar in Actuarial Science   Spring      
 After being offered in a given term, two terms will pass before the course is offered again.  Students in their second term junior year or higher interested in taking this course are advised to enroll as soon as the course is offered.
**  After being offered in a given term, three terms will pass before this course is offered again.