Career & Internship Support

Below are a wide variety of links to career and/or job information.  

American Mathematical Society

The American Mathematical Society is dedicated to providing career information and services to the mathematics community. This site has links to many useful career and job search web pages.

Careers in Mathematics

The Careers in Mathematics is a Purdue University site.  There is some overlap with other sites on this page, but this site has links to many other interesting Web pages.

The Mathematical Association of America

The The Mathematical Association of America site has career information links for students.

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics page is for those interested in careers and/or jobs in industrial and applied mathematics. Two specific publications of interest are:

  • Careers in Applied Mathematics – a 20-page booklet that details career paths outside academia for anyone majoring in applied mathematics or computational science 
  • Mathematics in Industry – an in-depth 48-page report that looks at the way mathematical sciences are used in industry today, along with assessing the skills, training and curriculum that will best prepare graduates for future mathematical careers.

Actuary Information

  • Be An Actuary
  • Society of Actuaries
    475 North Martingale Road
    Schaumburg, IL, 60173-2226
  • Contingencies
    Published bimonthly
    Available from:
    The American Academy of Actuaries
    1100 17th Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20036.

Statistics Information

  • Women in Statistics (PDF)
  • Minorities in Statistics (PDF)
  • Stats
    A magazine for Student members of the American Statistical Association.
    Cost: Included as part of the $20.00 two-year student membership.
    Available from:
    The American Statistical Association
    1429 Duke Street
    Alexandria, VA 22314-3402

Careers in Operations Research and Management Sciences

The career and job placement page of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences

The Career Resources by the Association of Women in Mathematics is for women who are interested in careers in the mathematical sciences.

We will be adding links to web sites that post mathematics and/or mathematics related job announcements. These sites do not carry the recommendation nor approval of anyone at Towson University, but they are listed here as a service to our visitors. These web sites will open in a separate browser window.