Mathematics Placement Information

To ensure that new students admitted for the upcoming term are placed in the appropriate mathematics course, Towson University requires students to take a mathematics placement test.  The online ALEKS Placement, Preparation and Learning Assessment will be available on March 28, 2018, or shortly after.  Please check back at this site then for more information and access to the test. 

Do I Have to Take the Test?

Students with college level mathematics course credit (AP or transfer coursework) may be exempt from taking the mathematics placement test:

  • If a chosen major has no specific mathematics requirement and the AP/transferred college level mathematics coursework satisfies Core 3 of Towson University's Core Curriculum, the student is exempt from taking the placement test.
  • If transferred coursework either satisfies the specific mathematics course required of the major, or it satisfies the prerequisite course for mathematics requirements, the student is exempt from the placement test.
  • If AP credit is awarded for Calculus or transferred credit is equivalent to Towson University’s MATH 115 College Algebra or MATH 119 Pre-Calculus (or higher), the student is exempt from the placement test.

If none of the above three cases applies, or you are not sure what your major will be, you must take ALEKS.