Here are some of the facilities available for students of astronomy and astrophysics.

students in the aacc

Astronomy & Astrophysics Computation Center

The TU Astronomy & Astrophysics Computation Center in Smith 406 has several LINUX workstations hooked into larger “number crunching” computers which have the standard astronomical software for professional astronomical data reduction, IRAF and IDL. With access to data archives at the Space Telescope Science Institute and elsewhere, we are capable of fully professional research at the AACC.

Dr Storrs with the telescope

Towson Observatory

Our 0.4m diameter Ritchie-Chretien telescope has four instruments in addition to a selection of eyepieces. Wide-field and high resolution cameras with standard broadband and medium-band filters allow for a wide variety of imaging research projects, and a low/medium and a high resolution spectrometer allow for more detailed physical investigation of bright objects.


Telescope assortment

TU has an assortment of small portable telescopes for eyepiece viewing, including a “Sunspotter” telescope for safely observing the Sun. 8” Dobsonian and Cassegrain telescopes can be transported to remote sites for viewing celestial objects at special events.