Geoscientists play a critical role in protecting the Earth’s resources and educating the next generation of innovative thinkers to confront ever-increasing environmental challenges.

geosciences student

Why Study Geosciences?

Studying geosciences prepares you for a variety of rapidly expanding career opportunities. The more we discover about our changing environment, the greater demand there is for graduates with the knowledge and skills to fill positions in areas such as environmental geology, hydrogeology and earth science education.

Jobs in geosciences include monitoring surface and subsurface water quality, protecting wetlands, assessing groundwater resources, designing remediation for polluted water and land sites, and teaching earth science to high school students.

Graduates are hired by the mineral industry, energy companies, public schools, government agencies and consulting firms. Others go on to graduate study, pursuing advanced fields such as volcanology, seismology and minerology.

Learn more about careers in geosciences at the Career Center. 

Choose Your Program

You can choose the geology major or minor, or an earth-space science major. If you plan to teach, the secondary education concentration in earth-space science (part of Towson UTeach) will prepare you to apply for certification upon graduation.  If you are interested in geology but also interested in biology, social science, and philosophy aspects of the environment, then the Environmental Geology track within Environmental Science may work well for you.

Towson Advantages

  • small classes, featuring individualized instruction and independent research
  • opportunities for field experience, including data collection and analysis
  • 12 acres of protected woods on campus and easy access to important East Coast geological features
  • accomplished faculty who are dedicated teachers and scholars

You can get hands-on research experience during the academic year and over the summer.

Research Opportunities