Student Financial Services

Our office assists faculty, staff, students and parents with various aspects of hiring on-campus student employees, including tax return filing and educating parents and students on navigating college finances.

On-campus Student Employment

Students are encouraged to work on-campus. Once a student secures a job, he or she must submit required paperwork to our office to complete the hiring process.  Read more about the on-campus student employment process and feel free to contact us as if you have any questions about how to hire an on-campus student employee!

Tax Return Filing 

Each year from January - April we provide guidelines for students on tax return filing requirements.  Our staff is not certified (as required by Maryland law) to advise or prepare tax returns on behalf of individuals.  We recommend that students use the free resources available on-campus, such as the College of Business and Economics' free tax preparation services.

Financial Education

As part of our interaction with students and parents, we often receive questions about students loans, taxes and how to pay for college.  We partner with the Financial Aid Office and other campus departments to provide students and parents important information about how to navigate college finances.