Health Education

At the Health Center we offer inclusive, student-centered health education and wellness services. We educate students so they are empowered to make healthy choices.

Students standing around a wellness cart

Enhancing and maintaining health and wellness is essential for the successful pursuit of your goals at Towson University. Health education provides resources on health and wellness through student-centered educational activities, events, and programs.

Peer Education Resources

Through our peer education programs, the Health Center educates students and offers workshops on critical issues that affect both students and campus community at large. Resources on sexual health and sexual assault prevention provide accurate, accessible, and helpful information for our community. See the "Request a Workshop" link on the right to view our current workshop offerings.

Sexual Health

Clear information about your sexual health, including resources on birth control, sexually transmitted infections and STI prevention, and healthy communication will help prepare you for making healthy choices now and in the future.

General Health Resources

Being healthy in mind and body is a multidimensional process involving important choices related to a variety of topics, including the following:

To learn more about the dimensions of wellness and additional resources on campus visit Health & Wellbeing.