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The Health Center provides a wide array of trainings on topics ranging from sleep hygiene and sexual health, to sexual violence prevention. Considering having us host a workshop or event for your class, group, or residence hall! 

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Thank you for your interest in one of our trainings. Please review the workshop options from the following list and then submit a request. You provide the space and any necessary tech and we will provide all other materials. 

We require all workshop requests be made two weeks in advance to ensure coverage for your event. If you have any questions, please contact us at

*Please note the requestor (e.g., RA, Professor, or other student leader) must be in attendance during the presentation.*

Workshop Options

Have questions about sex and relationships? We've got answers! Invite our trained peer educators to your hall or event to host an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. We'll have a panel of (s)experts answer all your anonymous questions about sex and relationships. 

Did you know there are 20 different methods of birth control? With so many effective birth control options readily available, how do you know where to start? Through this workshop, you will learn the most commonly used birth control methods, how they work, how to use them and how to pick one. Whether you have questions for yourself, a partner, or a friend, this workshop is bound to answer them all.

See something, say something. But what should you say? How can you step in if you’re not sure what to do? In this training you will learn skills and strategies to intervene in situations that could escalate to sexual violence. Through real-life examples, we’ll discuss common barriers to intervention and how to safely and creatively help a friend or stranger.  

Sexual health goes far beyond STI and pregnancy prevention- an essential piece of sexual intimacy is exploring pleasure with oneself and/or partner(s). In this interactive workshop you will learn how to set boundaries, communicate needs and desires with partners, and how to explore erogenous zones to get the most out of your sexual encounters!

All relationships have conflict, but can you spot the red flags of an unhealthy relationship? This workshop teaches you how to identify healthy and unhealthy aspects of a relationship, how to work through conflict, and how to improve your communication skills to have better relationships all around. 
Not all sex is created equal. The risk of passing on or getting sexually transmitted infections (STI) or becoming pregnant varies largely depending on the type of sex you have. Through a group game, you will learn about the risks associated with different types of sexual activities, STI prevention, birth control, and how to make safer decisions about sex. Free safer sex supplies are also provided.
How do you keep your squad safe? Learn bystander intervention and emergency response strategies. These strategies will keep your friends and the TU community safe by preventing violence and helping you respond appropriately to an emergency situation involving drugs or alcohol. This training reviews the TU sexual misconduct policy and code of student conduct, provides information about TU specific resources, and teaches response strategies we can all use to keep each other safe.
Do you have what it takes to call yourself a sexpert? Test your knowledge of all things sex with Jeopardy categories covering topics from birth control to kink.
Do you pull frequent all-nighters? Do you find yourself dozing off in classes? Are you giving your snooze button a workout? Inadequate sleep can negatively impact your academic performance, relationships and overall wellbeing. Through this workshop, you will learn how to create a more sleep-friendly environment, make the most of naptime, and wake up feeling more rested.
STIs: what are they, and how do you know if you have one? In this training, you will learn all about the most common STIs and what they can look like. You will learn how they’re transmitted, diagnosed, and treated or cured, as well as all the ways that someone who is sexually active can keep themselves healthy- by treating an STI, or by preventing it altogether.
If you are a student leader, odds are someone may come to you to ask for help after experiencing sexual violence. This workshop will train you to empathize and support friends and peers impacted by sexual violence. At the end of this training you will be able to identify sexual violence, understand the role of trauma in healing from sexual violence, and discover TU, community, and self-care resources.

Want to take a deep dive into all things safer sex? This workshop is curated to give all the information one may need to make informed choices about their sexuality to have the healthiest, best sex life possible! Pregnancy prevention, prevention of STI transmission, testing/treatment options, the importance of consent and communication, as well as general health center services will be covered during this training.

As a student leader it is important to understand your legal rights and responsibilities. In this training, you will learn federal and TU laws and policies related to sexual violence, how to identify sexual violence and consent, strategies to support friends and peers who have experienced sexual violence, the university process of reporting sexual violence, and on and off campus resources.

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