Sexual Assault Prevention Educator Application

 Thank you for your interest in becoming a Sexual Assault Prevention Educator.

Applying to be a SAPE

The Sexual Assault Prevention Education (SAPE) program is a group of students committed to preventing sexual violence at Towson University and beyond. We promote consent, empower active bystanders, teach healthy communication, and support survivors by educating our peers and ourselves. All Towson University students with at least two terms left are welcome and encouraged to apply- including graduate students.


Want More Information?

SAPE is a group of students committed to sexual violence prevention. We are not advocates or a response resource. If you are in crisis or looking for response resources, please follow these links for more information:

Application process

You may apply at any time of year and your application will be kept on file until we have openings. We typically conduct interviews at the end of the Spring semester and new SAPEs begin the following Fall semester. 

The individuals collecting these applications are responsible employees. That means they have an obligation to report all disclosures of sexual violence to Towson University. If you disclose incident(s) of sexual violence (which includes sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, stalking, relationship violence, and sexual intimidation) involving yourself, or any members of the TU community, at any point in your life, we have an obligation to report that to the Towson University Title IX Coordinator. After a report is made they will reach out with an email offering resources and a chance to meet, which you have the right to accept or decline.

Contact Information for Peer Education Application