Incoming & Current Student Applicants

Welcome Admitted Students

Congratulations on your admission to the Towson University Honors College! You have the opportunity to join an exceptional community of engaged learners in search of academic adventure and the opportunity to get engaged with their community and their world. The Honors College is an opportunity for you to explore your interests and challenge yourself in and out of the classroom. We hope you'll join us!


The Honors College academic experience supplements a student's major, and any student in any major can participate in Honors. Students take a total of 24 units (or eight classes) for the Honors College, an average of one per academic term. Most Honors courses meet TU's Core requirements or major requirements, and sometimes both! Every Honors student has an Honors advisor who helps them navigate the Honors curriculum and take advantage of opportunities for enhanced study, like pursuing an internship or study abroad experience for Honors credit.

Living and Learning

Community allows Honors students to build friendships, grow intellectually and socially, and enjoy their college experience. Honors students participate in clubs and organizations like the Honors College Leadership Council and Honorables of Color, participate in a wide range of co-curricular programs, and many live in Douglass House, the Honors residential learning community.

Living in Douglass House is required for all incoming Honors students who chose to live on campus, and Honors students in Douglass have the opportunity to live in the building for up to four years: the only guarantee of four years of housing on campus! Many events, meetings, and even classes take place in Douglass House, and the building is known throughout campus for its vibrant and welcoming residential community.

Honors College Scholarships

Incoming students for the fall term are rewarded for taking on the additional challenge of Honors with the Honors College Scholarship, an annual, renewable award given in addition to any other merit-based funding received from TU. Each admitted student's decision letter lists their scholarship eligibility and amount. Most incoming freshmen and transfer students for fall 2020 will receive an Honors College Scholarship in the amount of $1,250. Students joining the Honors College in the spring term are not eligible for the Honors College Scholarship.

The Honors College Scholarship offsets the additional cost of living in the premium housing option of Douglass House for those who chose to live on campus, although living on campus is not required to participate in the Honors College.

Next Steps

If you would like to learn more, or simply want to meet your future classmates, you are encouraged to register for several of the admitted students events we host in the spring: our Admitted Student Day; our Admitted Student Webinar; and at TU4U, where the Honors College has several events throughout the day including our special Honors Breakfast.

In order to officially join the Honors College all you need to do is accept your TU offer of admission by May 1 by submitting your Enrollment Contract. There's no additional fee for Honors, and no other forms you need to submit. Once you submit the Enrollment Contract, you're in!

For Prospective Students

The Honors College accepts applications from August 1 through December 1 of each year. Admission is open to incoming first-year students, students transferring from other institutions, and current Towson University students with 60 or fewer completed or in-progress college credits:

Admission to the Honors College is competitive. Honors College students make up about five percent of the incoming freshman class, and the approximately 700 active Honors students represent just under four percent of all undergraduate students at Towson University. Our application looks holistically at an applicant's experiences and considers quality of engagement over sheer quantity, self-awareness and reflection of involvement, and authenticity.

Most Honors students apply in high school and are admitted for their freshman year, but transfer students and current TU students may also apply to the Honors College. To be considered, an applicant must complete the Honors College application for admission. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Enrollment is not available to students who are pursuing second bachelor's degrees at TU. Students must complete Honors seminars at the main Towson University campus in Towson, MD.

Internal transfer applicants with more than 60 completed or in-progress college credits at the time of application will not be considered for the Honors College. Options for TU students with more than 60 credits include departmental honors programs and, for students who have transferred in to TU, the campus chapter of the Tau Sigma National Honors Society.

Admission Requirements

Admission for First Year Students

Most first-year students admitted to the Honors College have:

  • Received a grade of “A” in the majority of their high school core courses, including honors and AP courses
  • Earned an SAT score of at least 1270 or an ACT score of at least 28

There are no minimum scores that a student must meet in order to apply. Students meeting only one of these criteria are strongly encouraged to apply for admission. Applications from first-year students receive a comprehensive review that also includes the following:

  • Course selection and the rigor of the student's high school curriculum
  • An assessment of the quality of the essay submitted in support of the application, a resume that demonstrates engagement in co-curricular and leadership experiences, and the optional letter of recommendation specifically for Honors
Admission for Students Transferring from Other Institutions

Transferring students with fewer than 30 credits are evaluated based on their high school academic record and the items listed below. Transferring students with 30 credits or more of graded, college level courses are encouraged to have at least a 3.5 GPA and will be evaluated primarily on the basis of their collegiate record, in addition to the items listed below.

  • Standardized test scores
  • An assessment of the quality of the essay submitted in support of the application, a resume that demonstrates engagement in co-curricular and leadership experiences, and the optional letter of recommendation specifically for Honors

The Honors College at Towson University recognizes the outstanding academic achievements of students currently participating in Maryland Community College Honors Programs. In acknowledgment of these achievements the Honors College at TU has developed Memoranda of Understanding between the following Maryland Community College Honors Programs:

Students applying from one of the above programs will be granted admission into the Honors College at TU provided the student meets all of the following criteria, subject to confirmation from their institution's Honors program:


  • Has been accepted to Towson University
  • Has applied to the Honors College by the published deadline of December 1
  • Has met or will meet all requirements of their community college honors program prior to transfer to Towson University
  • Will complete an Associate Degree and/or a minimum of 60 undergraduate credits from their community college before joining the Honors College
  • Has at least a 3.5 cumulative college GPA at the time of application to the Honors College at TU

Students applying to Towson University who will enter with more than 60-64 credits as a result of earning must apply to the Honors College at the same time as they apply to TU.

Admission for Current Towson University Students

Current Towson University students may apply to the Honors College if they have been enrolled at Towson University for no more than four semesters, will have 60 or fewer completed college credits after the end of the term during which they will apply, and have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. Applicants with more than 60 completed or in-progress credits are ineligible. Applicants are evaluated based upon:

  • Towson University academic record
  • Standardized test scores
  • An assessment of the quality of the essay submitted in support of the application, a resume that demonstrates engagement in co-curricular and leadership experiences, and the optional letter of recommendation specifically for Honors

Current TU students must complete an Honors College Application that is separate from the TU Admissions Application. The deadline for submission is December 1.

Acceptance Information

Applicants are notified of the Honors College admission decision by early February. To accept your offer of admission to the Honors College, follow these simple steps.

1. Review the Honors College scholarship, curricular and co-curricular requirements.

2. Return your Towson University Enrollment Contract by May 1. By submitting the Towson University Enrollment Contract you are also confirming your enrollment in the Honors College.

3. Learn more about living in Douglass House and the Honors Residential Community, and complete your Housing Request by the Department of Housing & Residence Life's posted deadline (usually on or around May 1). Incoming students are guaranteed housing in Douglass House if they submit all their housing deposit and forms by the Housing & Residence Life deadline and meet all other Housing & Residence Life expectations.

4. If a freshman, request one or two Honors courses on your Academic Interest Form. A complete list of fall term courses is usually published by early March each year. The Academic Interest Form is an advisory document and you may not be placed in the requested Honors courses depending on course availability and other scheduling concerns.