Cassidy Stout

Major: Chemistry

Cassidy Stout in the lab

Cassidy Stout is known to her friends as “busy bee.”

That’s because she’s always buzzing with activity.

Conducting organometallic chemical research. Performing in “The Nutcracker.” Raising money for children with cancer. Organizing a meeting for chemistry club members interested in doing undergraduate research. Shadowing a physician at Johns Hopkins. Working out at the gym. Serving fancy coffee drinks at a local Starbucks…

It’s enough to make anyone dizzy.

But not Stout.

The Baltimore County native is fully focused and doing exactly what she wants to do.
In fact, she chose to attend Towson, in large part, because the university enables her to pursue her many interests.

“I came to Towson as a competitive dancer, but I have always had a love for science and math; my goal was to pursue both the arts and the sciences,” says the junior, who plans to chassé her way to medical school.

“Towson was one of the few universities that would enable me to excel at both.”
Plus, being part of the Honors College, she raves, has enriched her TU experience beyond measure.

Stout appreciates that the close-knit community offers access to challenging academic programs and a structure that brings students and faculty together, facilitating strong and lasting relationships.

“The Honors College leadership team has taken the time to really get to know me and understand my goals,” says Stout.

“They are consistently available to provide feedback and assist me in making the best academic choices.”

“ My goal was to pursue both the arts and the sciences. ”

Cassidy Stout