Honors College Scholarships

Towson University provides funding opportunities specific to members of the Honors College. The primary award is the Honors College Scholarship, which is awarded to most incoming freshman and transfer students joining TU and Honors in the fall. Incoming Honors students are eligible for the Honorables of Color Scholarship for students who support marginalized communities, and all Honors students are eligible for an Honors Study Abroad Scholarship to support study abroad experiences and the Kalodner Service Learning Scholarship to support service-learning at any point during their studies.

Honors College Scholarship

Honors College Scholarship awards are offered at the time of admission to the Honors College and are not increased in value from the offer made at the time of admission.

The amount of your scholarship is provided in your financial aid package, and you must submit the Admissions Enrollment Contract by May 15, or by the deadline specified in your Towson University admissions letter, in order to receive the scholarship offered. The Honors College Scholarship is renewable for the period specified in your scholarship letter if you satisfy all conditions, listed in the next section.

Most incoming fall freshmen and transfer students will receive an Honors College Scholarship in the amount of $1,250. Students joining the Honors College in the spring term are not eligible for the Honors College Scholarship.

Honors College Scholarship awards recipients are identified by the Honors College, and the disbursement of awards is overseen by the Financial Aid Office. If you have any questions regarding your scholarship disbursement, posting dates, or maintaining eligibility, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Honors Scholarship eligibility

Identifying Scholarship Recipients

All Honors College Scholarship awards are determined at a student's time of entry to the Honors College. Some students are not eligible for Honors College Scholarships based on their term of entry to the Honors College and to TU. When an admitted student receives an Honors College Scholarship, the award name, amount, and length of eligibility, as well as scholarship terms and conditions, are identified in the decision letter. If you are an admitted student and your decision letter does not mention an Honors College Scholarship term and amount, you are not eligible for this award.

Honors College Scholarship Award Conditions

  • These scholarships may be used only for full-time fall and spring enrollment at TU (at least 12 units per semester).
  • Your annual award amount will be evenly split into fall and spring disbursements.
  • Your total combined financial aid including these awards and all of your other aid from all sources (government, TU, and private) can't exceed your TU Cost of Attendance budget. If your total aid exceeds this limit, the Financial Aid Office must usually reduce your loans, these awards, and/or other aid until your total aid falls within this limit. Your other aid programs may have similar or additional total aid restrictions.  
  • You can use these funds only toward enrollment at TU for your first Bachelor’s Degree (including most approved study abroad programs if you remain officially enrolled at TU).

For new fall admits

  • These funds cannot be applied to your nonrefundable $300 enrollment fee.
  • You must enroll at TU for the fall term listed on your letter. If you defer enrollment to another term, your offer(s) will be canceled. If you reapply for admission for next fall, you may compete with other applicants for new scholarship offers.

Honors College Scholarship Renewal Conditions

These Honors College Scholarship renewal criteria are slightly different than the criteria for remaining in the Honors College.

  • For freshman recipients, awards may be received for a maximum of 8 consecutive terms. For transfer students, see the maximum number of terms listed on your original Honors Scholarship letter.
  • You must enroll full-time (at least 12 units) for every consecutive fall and spring semester.
  • Earned Units: To meet your renewal requirements, you must earn at least 24 units per academic year (fall through spring), but to complete your degree in four years, you should complete at least 30 units per year.
  • GPA Requirements: Students with freshman, sophomore, or junior class standing at TU must maintain a 3.0 overall cumulative GPA.  Students with senior class standing (90 earned units as of the end of a fall or spring semester) must maintain a 3.2 cumulative GPA.
  • Honors College Status: To remain eligible for Honors College Scholarships, you must also remain eligible to enroll in Honors College courses as outlined by the Honors College Requirements, which include additional GPA requirements for all courses taken to fulfill Honors College credit.

To graduate as an Honors College student with the distinction of University Scholar, you must complete your degree with a 3.3 cumulative GPA and a cumulative 3.0 GPA in all courses taken to fulfill Honors College credit.

The Financial Aid Office, Scholarship Unit reviews renewal conditions twice per year in January and June based on your academic record at that time. If you fail to meet any of these renewal conditions, your awards will be canceled, unless you meet the probation conditions in the Financial Aid Office Scholarship Conditions. For more information about the cancellation process, probation conditions, and appeals process, please visit that web page.

Honorables of Color Scholarship

The Honorables of Color Scholarship was initiated by the student-found and led organization of the same name, Honorables of Color. The scholarship is open to new students accepted and enrolled in Towson University’s Honors College who support marginalized communities. All applicants are required to meet the following minimum eligibility criteria:

  • Full-time undergraduate students;
  • Incoming student accepted and enrolled in the Honors College;
  • Outstanding record of academic achievement and promise; and
  • Demonstrated financial need as defined by the Financial Aid Office; with
  • Preference given to a student with demonstrated volunteer or extra-curricular activities that support marginalized communities.

Supplemental questions and the application for the Honorables of Color Scholarship are available by searching for "Honorables of Color Scholarship" at the TU Foundation Scholarship Opportunities Homepage. The application process for this award opens during the spring term.

Honors Study Abroad Scholarship

The Honors College offers a limited number of scholarships for Honors students going abroad each term. For the fall and spring terms, two scholarships in the amount of $300 each are generally awarded to students. For the summer and minimester terms, three awards in the amount of $200 each are generally awarded.

For scholarship consideration, students must submit the Study Abroad Scholarship Application by November 1 for minimester and spring trips, and by April 1 for summer or fall trips.

Preference for Honors College Study Abroad Scholarships is given to students who have demonstrated their active participation and service in the Honors College, and who can clearly articulate the connection between the study abroad experience and their academic experience at TU. Honors College Study Abroad Scholarship amounts may change based on number of applicants for a given term.