Faculty & Staff Emergency Fund Application

Example:  I need help to make this month’s rental payment. My spouse was laid-off, applied for unemployment benefits but no payment has been received. Rent is $1500/month and we are not able to make a payment, and continue to meet our food expenses. An award of $500 would be used toward rent.

Please submit appropriate documentation to verify the circumstances described above, e.g. written notification of a job loss or pay reduction for anyone in your household; rental statement from a property management company or a verifiable landlord for your primary residence; utility bill indicating a scheduled shut-off; a repossession notice for your primary vehicle.

Please send your documents to the secure mailbox for the Emergency Fund: https://fds.towson.edu/filedrop/EmergencyFund

Please list the total dollar amount(s) requested in the appropriate box.  Where applicable this should match the information included on your submitted documentation.

An HR representative will contact you if any additional information or documentation is needed. You will be notified by Human Resources staff of approval or denial within 3 business days after your completed application is received, including any additional requested documentation.