Green Initiatives

We support sustainable transportation via discounted parking permits, electric vehicle charging stations and other incentives.

EPA Certified SmartWay Elite Vehicle

Discounted Permits

Faculty, staff and students who drive certified SmartWay Elite vehicles may purchase discounted "Go Green" parking permits. Once you determine your vehicle is SmartWay Elite (PDF), you can complete the Go Green permit application (PDF). Parking & Transportation Services will inform you when your application has been reviewed. Students must renew their application annually. Access more Information on the Go Green permit program (PDF) or review our Parking Rules and Regulations (PDF). 

Visitor Permits

If your vehicle is certified SmartWay Elite, you can purchase discounted visitor parking at the yellow paystations located throughout campus.  Please keep in mind that non-SmartWay Elite visitors using a green visitor permit are subject to a $75 fine.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

Free electric vehicle charging stations are located in all TU garages and several surface lots. Locations are shown on the campus map when you select the "EV charging stations" option. They are dual charging units with 220V.

Users must have a valid TU parking permit to use the stations during permit enforcement windows. Vehicles must be charging at all times while parked in the EV space. Any non-electric vehicles parked in EV spaces will be cited and/or towed at the owner's expense. Review the Parking Rules and Regulations (PDF) for more information.

Benefits of Fuel-Efficient & Electric Vehicles

  • Saves you money, both on parking permits and fuel.
  • Contributes to TU's sustainability commitment and Go Green Initiatives.
  • Reduces the university's greenhouse gas inventory.
  • Reduces the university's costs on fuel for its own vehicle fleet.
  • Supports and encourages the electric vehicle market.
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