Visitor & Department Guests

CFA Building

Visitor Parking Locations and Restrictions

Core Campus Visitor Parking Locations:

  • Union Garage
  • Towsontown Garage
  • Glen Garage
  • Center for the Arts, Lot 3
  • Lot 14 (near the Health Center)

Visitor parking paystations are located at each of the above locations.  Permits are valid in any Visitor parking area.

Visitor permits purchased at paystations at the Towson Center or West Village are not valid on core campus until after 3:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Overflow Parking Locations:  (sign says "All TU Permits Valid") 

  • Lots 4, 7 and 8 near SECU Arena and Johnny Unitas Stadium
  • Designated sections of the West Village Garage

Paystations accept cash, debit/credit or department code.
Permit valid in visitor spaces in any of the above locations. You may also use the the ParkMobile App as  a contactless method of payment.

Glen Drive Lot 17 : – Special restrictions apply

  • Visitor Valid only with authorized use of an accessible  plate/placard.
  • Department Guests

Visitor Rates for Spring 2021

 Location  Rate if Paid by Individual Rate if Paid by Department 
Towsontown Garage  $3/hr -$6 Max  $4/Day
Glen Garage $3/hr - $6 Max $4/Day
Lot 17  Stephens Hall/Glen Drive Handicapped or Departmental Guests Only  $3/hr - $6 Max  $4/Day
 Administration Front Lot $3/hr - $6 Max  $4/Day
 Union Garage $3/hr - $6 Max $4/Day 
Lot 14  $3/hr - $6 Max $4/Day
 West Village Garage $3/Day  $3/Day
 Lot 4, 7 and 8 $3/Day  $3/Day
Evening Rate - all locations, Core lots after 3:00 p.m. and Faculty/Staff lots after posted hours   $2.50/Day  $2/Day
Overnight 24 hour permit - available after 3:00 p.m. for parking in Overflow areas of Lot 4, 7 and Lot 8 only where signs say "All TU Permits Valid"
$9/24 hours  N/A

*Please note, on Fridays ONLY, the main campus rate is  $4/Day.

Long Term Rates

 Location/Type  Eligible Individuals Rate 
 Overflow Weekly Faculty/Staff, Commuters & Visitors  $35
 Overflow*Monthly Faculty/Staff, Commuters & Visitors  $75

Long-term visitors have the option to purchase a weekly or monthly permit.  These permits are NOT valid for overnight parking. In order to purchase a long-term weekly or monthly permit, a Visitors Parking Permit application must be submitted to the Auxiliary Service Business Office (ASBO). Email  to make an appointment.

Summer Rates

Permit Type  Eligible Individuals Rate 
Daily Faculty/Staff, Commuters & Resident Students, Visitors N/A
Weekly Faculty/Staff, Commuters & Resident Students, Visitors  N/A
Monthly Faculty/Staff, Commuters & Resident Students, Visitors  N/A