Vendor, Construction Worker & Contractors

repair to clock on Psychology building


Infrequent service providers
Have your on campus contact submit a Non-TU Affiliate Parking Permit Approval Request to Parking & Transportation Services.  When the form has been processed and approved, visit our offices, located in the lower level of the University Garage to provide necessary documentation and vehicle information in order to purchase a Vendor Permit. Vendor permits may be obtained at the lowest Faculty/Staff rate.

Delivery Vehicles

Permits are not needed for clearly marked vehicles that make deliveries at loading docks

Construction Workers/Contractors

No permit needed if vehicle is parked inside fenced area of designated construction site.

Permit needed if vehicle will be parked in TU lot/garage. Have your Project Manager or On Campus contact submit the proper online form in order obtain approval to purchase a Lot 14 "Overflow" permit at the lowest Faculty/Staff rate.  Documentation is required.

Parking also available in nearby county garages.